We, of course, are really good at coming up with reasons why you should use branded merchandise to build your business, but the truth is, it just makes sense. Branded merchandise means instant brand recognition that you can't just scroll past on your news feed or the endless slew of digital notifications. It means greater exposure of your business to a real, tangible living audience, provides obvious value to the recipient and can build a relationship of value, loyalty and respect when done right. 

Here are some of the top reasons our clients invest in themselves through a promotional product campaign, browse through to trigger some ideas on how to apply to your own business. 










Does your business participate in trade shows, events and or conferences? If so, a great way to leverage the value of the attention and traffic generated through such activities is with meaningful merchandise.


Whether you would like to be able to provide a giveaway that will remind attendees of your brand long past the event date, you want your team decked out in amazing apparel, or you want to sell a branded item that people will love and will generate revenue, you want something meaningful that will inspire, spark inspiration and motivate the recipient. 




Giving always feels great, giving something of meaning, quality and value feels even better. Let us help you find the ideal gift for your hard-working employees after a fantastic quarter, or to say "Happy Holidays, we value you." This type of gift can not only demonstrate appreciation for work done but incentivizes hard work into the future. Nothing like a little positive reinforcement to get your employees working harder for you. 


You can also show your clients appreciation with the gift of promotional merchandise. Even the simplest of generous gestures can instill gratitude and loyalty in your client base, and we all want to achieve that, don't we? Promotional products are an excellent way to thank your customers. Plus, clients that are recognized and appreciated tend to refer potential prospects as well, triple win! 


A gift for potential clients is also a great idea. A promotional product can be added as an enticement to purchase a product or service. For example, a new phone purchase could come with a complimentary branded power bank, or a set of beautiful, branded glasses with your new Bourbon launch. We're full of fantastic ideas, just ask! 



Have you considered selling merchandise with your branding on it? It's a great way to market your business, instill brand pride and loyalty and create an additional revenue source. It's an ideal solution for any business or non-profit organization.


From the simple graphic-T to embroidered hats to green-totes or quality drinkware, there are some fabulous options for every price point and purpose. We love working on this type of project where the return on investment is so clear and measurable for the client. We've seen many an "ah-ha" moment, and love it. 



An astounding 92% of people surveyed will keep (longterm) their promotional products IF they find them useful or attractive. We won't bore you with all of the stats, but we promise they are out there. Branded merchandise of quality and value WORKS. Whether you sell it for a profit or you give it away, it makes an impression on your audience that counts. Now, this impression can be good or bad depending on the product path you choose, but if you put thought and consideration into designing and branding meaningful merchandise it is sure to leave a lasting impression that will keep your brand top of mind in a positive light. 


Non-profit, publicly traded corporation, tech-startup and small brick and mortar alike - branded merchandise is a valuable tool for marketing and growing your sales. 



Meaningful merchandise can be a powerful tool for generating new business. An astounding 20% (GoPromotional) of customers make a purchase after receiving a promotional product, a pretty incredible conversion rate. 



Do you run a non-profit or business with goals that involve disseminating information to a specific audience? Promotional products are a great way to grab the attention of an audience repeatedly. Whether your goal is to sell a product or raise awareness on an issue, a relevant and thoughtful promotional product can be a helpful tool for achieving your goal. A cloth bag made from recycled materials with a beautiful graphic, your brand and a statistic about the harms of plastic is an obvious choice for an environmental advocacy group. 



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