CLIENT: Galderma

INDUSTRY: High-End Beauty 

PRODUCT: Custom Designed Gel-Icing Pads

APPLICATION: Client Giveaway with purchase


When Galderma approached us over 5 years ago with their very specific goal, we were excited to take on the challenge of designing a perfect product for their clients. 


Their needs: 

  • The product: a high-quality cooling gel pad for their high-paying clientele 

  • The details: Specific colours, chemical, and material make up 

  • The numbers: A high volume of units for their international distributors

  • The budget: A cost-effective solution


We are proud to say we were able to meet all of their needs. From the Pantone colour of the gel beads to the chemical breakdown of the bead contents and the external casing, we designed every single detail to meet their custom needs. 


Despite the level of customization, we were able to keep the costs down by outsourcing to a manufacturer that could manage high volumes. 

We enjoy working on projects like this because of the unique design challenges they present.