Merch that reps your hard work

We have been working with Genuine Health for more than 10 years ​now. This is a business that just gets it. They take brand and design seriously and they understand that the quality of merch they put their name on is a direct reflection of their business. This understanding makes them an ideal client to work with. We work hard for them because we genuinely believe in their product, their brand culture. 

Over the years we have helped them customize everything from giveaways like customized EOS lip balms, to employee event apparel. 


Purpose of shakers, jackets 


genuine health shirt.png
Do you have a similar project?

Do you have an event or trade show coming up? Do you want to provide door prizes, give aways or apparel that your employees will feel good sporting? There are so many options that we can customize to suit your brand and business culture. Get in touch, start your own project today. We can't wait to help you reach your very own marketing goals.