Friends & Family 


step one 

Pay it forward

The first step to receiving a gift from us is to provide us with a referral. Think of a person from your own network who might benefit from our services. A marketing professional, or event planner for example. A person whose job it is to work with promotional merchandise and apparel. 

step two

Take your pick

Now is the fun part. Once you have thought of a referral for us, you get to treat yourself to a gift of a value up to $100 dollars from any of the supplier's listed below. 

step three

send us the deets

After completing the form below you will be prompted to access a second form for submitting your desired complimentary sample. 

There are perks to being friends of MCLOUGHLIN. We are ushering 2020 with gratitude, gifts and our first annual Friends and Family Sample-athon.  Keep scrolling to learn how it works. 

The Line up

We're giving you back-end access. Browse through one... or all of these great suppliers to find a gift of your choice! 


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A premier supplier of high-quality promotional products, with goods ranging from pens and drinkware to bags and mobile tech. 


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Trimark is the official supplier of Olympic apparel - You know it's got to be good. 


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The classic, ever-usefull notebook made bold, fresh and current. 

promotion on a budget

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Bullet offers budget friendly promotional products. 


We appreciate your referrals

Complete this short form with information and contact details about the friend you are referring. Upon completion you will be taken to a second form where you can enter your request details for your complimentary sample from one of the four suppliers linked above. We promise only to contact your referral once after which the individual will have the opportunity to opt in or out of further communications from MCLOUGHLIN. Thanks for your continued support, it means a lot to us. 

Your Referral