Our handpicked promotional favourites for Holidays 2019 

Camper Mugs

The classic ceramic camper mug always makes a great, simple gift. This smaller option is great for holiday give aways, retail or a employee gift. 

Metal camping mugs with an enamel finish are a classic, retro item that are instantly recognizable. These enamelware mugs are a metal (often stainless steel) with a smooth enamel finish. These ceramic coffee cups offer the feel and insulation values of a modern coffee shop cup with the retro camping look. 

Go custom

With an item like this you have the option to go completely custom. From colour to smooth or speckled finish, to style of branding. You could even put a phrase or image onto the mug in addition to your company's branding. Check out the gallery below for some inspiration. 



Super light weight at 1.1 lbs