5 Fun, Functional Fall Promotional Product Ideas

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

We are fortunate, in Canada, to have four distinct seasons. Fall happens to be one of our favourites. The colours, the smells, the hints of holidays to come... the accessories! As the temperatures cool down, we start to bundle up, with lots of great swag, making it a great season for those of us in the business of promotional products. We wanted to share a few fall themed promotional ideas with you that really embrace the autumn season.

1. Umbrellas

Say “I care” with an umbrella. Custom umbrellas make a great corporate gift or branded retail item. They are economical, valuable to the recipient and completely customizable. According to Ibis World a whopping 45% of North American consumers own a promotional umbrella and those who do own them keep them for an average of 14 months. The same article suggests that one umbrella receives an average of 1,100 impressions throughout its lifetime (making it about 1 cent per impression). Pretty impressive advertising statistics even in the digital age! Umbrellas are a great option for any season but autumn in particular because you never really know what you are going to get!

2. Windbreaker

While we hate to harbour on the coming of nastier weather, why not help your consumers embrace it by embracing them in the warmth and comfort of a great jacket. If you know us at all you know we are suckers for outerwear so it should come as no surprise to see another rain jacket / windbreaker in our top picks. We have several Canadian and international go-to brands for quality outerwear and they never disappoint. Whether you are giving your team a thank you gift for a great season, or branding a retail item with your business for online or on-location sales, this type of high quality item of real substance can make a lasting impression on a client or employee. According to Fairware, outerwear, like jackets, are of the promotional products kept the longest by Canadian consumers and typically receive over 6,000 impressions throughout their lifetime.