8 Incredible Camping Themed Promotional Products

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Picture this: Your brand positioned in such a way that the recipient is reminded of you every time they set off on a camping adventure, star gazing, enjoying the outdoors ... What a brilliant way to keep your brand top of mind, in a positive light and build brand loyalty.

Camping is gaining in popularity. A widening audience is expressing interest in camping in all it's various forms. A healthy, exhilarating, affordable escape from the daily grind. From roughing it in the wilderness to glamping in decked out yurts, camping is appealing to people of all ages and backgrounds are taking part.

The 2018 North American Camping Report suggests that camping is rising in popularity across Canada & the United States. Here are a few highlights that we found relevant from the latest report:

  • More than 6 million new North American households have started camping since 2014.

  • The lifestyle has taken hold in these new campers – the number of campers who camp three times or more each year has increased by 64 percent since 2014.

  • Campers of all ages are seeking recreational activities on and off the campground, showcasing that camping and outdoor recreation may be melding into a singular activity.

  • In 2017 alone, there has been an increase of 2.6 million camper households with representation among all ethnicities.

  • Also, Millennials and Gen Xers make up three-quarters of all campers, with Millennials alone accounting for 40%.

  • While most campers have children at 52%, 48% of campers camp without kids.

  • 59% of campers stay within 100 miles of home.

Check out the full report here.

The point is, more and more people of all demographics are camping. Specifically, Millennials and GenXers are camping at a significantly growing rate. As we mention in another article: a trend to watch out for is the shift in buying power. Millennials are where the money's at. They are often making the buying decisions, meaning they are a fantastic market to target and appeal to.

We wanted to help get your creative juices flowing with a handful of camping-themed ideas for your next meaningful merchandise campaign.

These products are wonderful camping-themed options for employee incentives, branded retail merchandise, meaningful or valuable client or trade show give aways that will do wonders for your brand.

Portable Hammocks

Portable hammocks are a camper's best friend. They are comfortable, simple to set up, lightweight, compact and affordable. There are a number of options on the market today with various accessories and set ups. They can be customized by colour, material and your brand can be positioned both on the hammock itself as well as on the convenient travel case they come with.


Enamel Mugs

Ah the enamel cup, a quintessential symbol of outdoor living. A single cup or a set make a great gift or retail item to build your brand. Be the source of that absolutely divine, hot, strong first sip of coffee on a crisp morning. Instead of being left behind on a desk or drawer, travel along with your audience on their adventures and provide purpose and value to them.


Italian Coffee Maker

The perfect companion to the enamel cup, the Bialetti. The original Italian coffee press is great for both home and camping. They are beautiful, compact and durable. Make fool proof, delicious coffee over a fire or gas burner.


Portable Speaker

Give the gift of travelling tunes! Everyone has a use for a portable speaker. With all of the options out there there is a price point for most budgets. Consider features like solar powered, water resistance and durability. We have a great experience working with the BOOM 3 speaker, highly rated and super durable.


Solar Power Bank

We know that many people camp to get away and disconnect, but having a back up plan is always wise. Be the source of power off the grid, power banks are a great place for your brand to be, and a valuable, useful item for any occasion.

(The report suggests that 97% of campers bring some form of technology with them - technology needs juice!)


Softshell Jacket

Apparel is always a great go to for promotional merchandising. Why not go the extra step past the graphic-T and provide a great value to your recipient. A branded soft shell jacket or vest will provide long-term value. A quality piece of a wardrobe that will look good and keep the recipient warm and dry on their adventures, or just out and about, looking great sporting your brand.


Folding Chair

A lightweight, well designed, durable folding chair is such a great camping accessory. After a long day of portaging or hiking, it's such a comfort to have a chair to sink into next to an open fire. What's great about this option is you have ample space to put your company's logo both on the carrying case and the back of the chair itself. Depending on the positioning it can quite literally be like giving your customer a giant hug after a long day. Check out these beauties by Helinox and picture your brand in these incredible settings. The Helinox chairs fold up into a super compact carrying case and have great rating.


Camping Lantern

Be the source of light on a dark cold night in the woods. There are a tonne of great, high-quality options for customizable light sources. Our favourite is the classic lantern with a modern twist. Solar powered lanterns are a useful and valuable item that your clients or employees will find useful. We love these options from Goal Zero.


Get in touch to get your own project started and we will help you come up with the precise design, materials, colours and decor. This is just the beginning, we can design custom products just for your business to help tell your brand's special story.

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