Jump on the Sustainability Train - 10 Reusable Enviro-Conscious Products

Getting ahead of the ban on single use plastics is good for the globe and good for your brand.

Public opinion on single-use plastics (and increasingly plastics in general) is decreasing in polls, and fast. Have you ever been in line to check out at a grocery store, noticed you were the only one who hadn’t packed your own reusable cloth bags and felt “compelled” to purchase new ones on the spot? I have. Plastic-use guilt is now a thing, as it should be.

The Canadian government has tabled the idea of going single-use-plastic free and rumour has it - it’s likely to pass. To be frank, Canada is late to the table. It’s behind Kenya, the UK, France, Morocco, Rwanda and several other countries and cities whose governments have already implemented plastic bans of some nature.

In January of 2019 PR Newswire reported that a whopping 89% of North American consumers would like to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle that includes the use of green-products. Associating your brand with sustainable products speaks volumes. They communicate values that you and your audience can stand behind, feel proud of and build trust and loyalty toward. When it comes to truly sustainable products there are some grey areas. Let us help you clear this up. According to the Sustainable Products Corporation,

“sustainable products provide environmental, social and economic benefits while protecting health, welfare and the environment over their full commercial cycle from the extraction of raw materials to final disposal.”