Promotional Product Trends for 2019

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

Each year we witness some stand out trends in the realm of promotional products. In this article we will reflect on 2018's highs and lows and predict a few of the trends we expect to see in the year to come.

When we think trends of 2018 we think: copper, succulents, succulents, succulents, llamas, canvas, the return of all things beige and bronze hardware, organic materials and simplicity. These general aesthetic trends do inform the world of promotional products but they tend to run a little deeper than surface level. What they tell us is that consumers are pickier than ever about materials, design, origins, economy and function.

Here are some predictions for 2019 based on last year's patterns and projections for what's to come.

Provide Value or get left Behind

It is no longer enough that your promotional product is free, consumers will either leave it behind, or throw it out if it doesn't provide some kind of value or use. The m