Recent Project: Genuine Health Pride Tote

This was a great project that we were proud to be a part of. Genuine Health came up with a fabulous lead and sale generating campaign that involved a promotional give away. This fun, fierce reusable tote that proudly proclaims "Love is Love" a slogan from the LGBQT community. They ran the campaign during pride month, making it extra timely and poignant.

Project Details

Client: Genuine Health

Product: Pride themed, branded reusable cotton tote

Category: Sustainable, Every day use, themed

Project Summary This is a tripple-whammy-benefit project.

1) The product builds brand loyalty, awareness and all the other goodness that comes along with quality promotional merch. Also because of the bold statement and beautiful colours people are more likely to sport this tote out as a statement and useful tool than a typical branded product. Even more exposure for Genuine Health!

2) The product supports a set of social values that are timely and politically upstanding. The product takes a stand in a time of shaky social climate. As a big brand that cares it doesn't hurt to wear your heart on your sleeve.

3) The product incentivizes sales, all the niceties aside - this is a great business decision to boost sales. It is also easy to measure the return on investment because there was as start and end date. Comparing sales with previous time frames, or even the same time the year previous will give some great insights into consumer behaviour. Did it encourage new clients to try products, did it encourage existing clients to buy during the giveaway period. Lots of good data to work with. We love projects with clear data to analyze. If it works, fine tune and repeat!

Product Details

We went with a super durable heavy weight creamy, natural toned cotton tote with awesome, bold, bright colours and large, clear font. It really makes an awesome statement (on many levels).

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